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December 14 2008

Marius is missing his girlfriend!
Going to play soccer!

December 12 2008

Home playing karaoke with friends!!
Heading to my friends house to sit in the jacousie!!
Taking a shower!

December 11 2008

Going to the doctor!

December 08 2008

Taking a shower.
I'm so close to give up studying for this fucking test!!!!!!!
Studying for my test!

December 07 2008

Good morning! Now I'm gonna get some breakfast, and start studying for my test...

December 06 2008

Good night powncers!
Home from work... I'm exhausted.
It seems like I just can't get the thought of losing my girlfriend out of my head!!! Long distance makes me worried, and I feel so helpless in a way...

December 05 2008

Home again.
Getting a haircut.
Now I'm playing on the xbox!
Studying for my test on Tuesday. I've been studying for some hours now!

December 04 2008

Still playing karaoke with my friend!
I'm gonna play some karaoke!!

December 03 2008

I bought Lips today! It's amazing. Me and my buddy sang karaoke for 2-3 hours!
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